Bridge Groups

Summer Semester Starts May 16th - June 27th

Series: One at a Time

Pick a group and grow together. 

  • Wednesday 6:30 pm

    Pastor SteveNikki

    Meets in the Church Office Building, Conference Room. 

    More info text: 4047865675

  • Wednesday 7:pm

    Elder Leroy & Virona Brown

    Meets online (zoom) and some in-person.

    More info: 8583619642

  • Monday 6:30pm

    Aaron & Jordan Johnson

    Meets in home - Fairview/ Jackson

    More info: 4046063784

  • Tuesday  6:30pm

    Topic: Prayer

    Sharon Miller

    Meets in Henry Hall

    more info: 7199308806

  • Wednesday 7:pm


    Greg Combs

    Meets online (zoom) 

    More Info: 4795868920

  • Thursday 6:30pm

    Online and In-person

    Erica Torres

    Meets online and in-peron

    More Info: 6786630310

  • Tuesday 6:30pm

    Tiffany Lewis

    Meets in Henry Hall

    More info:

  • Thursday 7:pm

    Robbie Savage

    Meets in home - Ola Area

    More Info: 6784144675

  • Flex 7:pm

    The days change week to week according to schedules of the group. 

    Shirley Jones

    Meets in home - Fairview Area

    More Info: 6788860908