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Whats Coming Up @ Bridge City Church

Sunday Worship Schedule

10:am - Online
10:am - Family Worship - Kids Church

If you feel sick please join us online

Here is what you can expect:

  • In-Person service time about an hour and a half. 10:am - 11:30am.  
  • Hand sanitizer stations as you enter the building.
  • Nursery and Kids Church located in Henry Hall.
  • Offering buckets will be in the back of the building for you to give. 
  • Connection cards are available and encouraged. 
  • As always, kids are welcomed! We ask Parents please keep you children close.  

Bridge City Church Online

Will continue and get better. If you don't feel the time is right for you to gather in-person, join us online. YOU are part of our community, no matter if you worship in the kitchen, living room, or the worship center. 

Online Church is a great place to invite family and friends that may not be comfortable with in-person gatherings. 

Your Generosity is making an impact. 

We have had many join our online gatherings and recommit to following Jesus. Your generosity lead the way! Our community has reached into New York, New Mexico, Arizona, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad just to name a few. Your generosity is leading the way! 

We have feed many families, helped our community partners, encouraged hospital staff, and first responders.  

We have worked to stay connected with our community praying and encouraging. 

Your generosity makes it all possible. Thank you for your continued faithfulness.

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