Leadership Notes


Pastor Steven

Three Things

  1. Your excuses reveal a need for growth

  2. What you see and reflect changes how you view things (2 Cor. 3:16-18)

  3. Pastor Steven request a meeting with each leader individually for an end of year evaluation. Please schedule about 45 min to meet with Pastor Steven before Christmas. 


  • Jesus revealed a new idea about the kingdom of God

  • We must help others see how Jesus repositioned the kingdom of God for us

  • As a leader you should remember how far you were from God to help others (Eph. 2:5-8)

  • Our main focus should be to love God’s people and accept them as they are

  • As you lead remember that we are all works in progress

  • See and Reflect

Church website


  • What you do has worth no matter how big or small

  • When you are serving with in your gift, you inspire others

  • As you see things make a change/help out (clean-up, take-up a role, etc.)

  • Still need a replacement for Pam and Eddie in Kid’s Church

Pastor Steven

  • Your purpose is found in your service to:

    • The Body of Christ

    • The World

  • Leader expectations

    • Participation (excuses reveal your areas of needed growth)

    • Give (tithes, offerings, and above)

    • Serve (help each other)

  • Small Groups

    • Find a time to celebrate with your group

    • Create video and written testimonies

    • Find others in your group that could potentially lead other groups

    • Next round of small groups start February

    • There will be an exit survey

  • Important Dates/Info

    • 11/9/19 Track pickup at 8AM

    • 11/15/19 Family bonfire at the Shockley’s

    • No activities the week of 11/25/19-11/29/19

    • Christmas Offering (Convoy of Hope and LCS Teacher)

    • 12/1/19 Brunch see Shirley Jones for details

    • 12/4/19 Hospitality training at 6:30PM (All greeters, ushers, etc.)

    • 12/11/19 Kid’s Church training at 6:30PM

    • 12/14/19 Stage and Sound training at 6:30PM

    • 12/22/19 Kid’s Church Program

    • 12/24/19 Christmas Eve service (potentially 2 services)