Join us this September at BCC for an exciting series: 

"This Is Our Story." 

Throughout this series, we'll be delving into incredible accounts of God's unwavering love and faithfulness. 

But that's not all – we want to hear from you too! We've set up a special space to gather your personal stories of how God's love and faithfulness have touched your life. Your story could become a cherished part of our exclusive BCC story book. Let's celebrate together the remarkable ways God has shaped our lives!

Story Starters

  • Divine Appointments: Recount a time when you had an unexpected encounter with someone, and in hindsight, you saw it as a divine appointment orchestrated by God, leaving you with a deeper understanding of His plan for your life.
  • A Turning of Faith: Share a personal story about a pivotal moment when your faith was transformed. Describe how your encounter with Christ changed your perspective and set you on a new path aligned with God's purpose.
  • Walking on Water: Share an experience where you took a bold step of faith, trusting God despite the uncertainty. Reflect on the risks you took and the rewards that followed, attributing your courage and success to God's guidance.
  • Trials and Triumph: Reflect on a challenging situation you faced, detailing how your faith in God helped you overcome obstacles. Explore the ways in which your reliance on prayer, Scripture, and your faith community have strengthened you.
  • Redeeming Failure: Write about a time when you encountered failure or disappointment and how your faith enabled you to see God's hand in turning that setback into a setup for His greater plans.
  • Family Faith Journey: Share a story centered around your family's faith dynamics. Illustrate the ways in which your shared beliefs and spiritual growth have brought your family closer and shaped your collective journey of faith.
  • Seeking God's Will: Describe a crossroads in your life when you sought God's guidance to make a crucial decision. Detail the prayers, discernment, and faith-based reasoning that influenced your choice and its subsequent blessings.
  • The Pilgrimage Within: Share a spiritual pilgrimage where you embarked on a quest for deeper connection with God. Share the encounters, revelations, and personal transformations you have experienced along this path of faith.


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